A necessity for doctors

SayKhan helps you replace the traditional bookkeeping process and helps you focus on the real work!

About us

We help you get organized

Who we are

We come different backgrounds, each having the same goal of digitalizing paperworks.

What we do

We help you manage your patients in GPs, track your patients' medical records for easy access.

How we help

We provide you with a platform that you can use to digitalize your paperworks in your GP.

Quality features

What we offer as saykhan

Treatment records

Tired of going through your old books, just to find your patient's prescription on a particular day? With saykhan, it's just a click.


We believe patients' medical records play a huge impact on their health. You can upload and save your patient's lab results, X-rays and bloodtests, all in one place.


Get your day organized with our built-in scheduler!


Refering to other sources? We got you. You can share your patients' details at anytime, and anyone can access it anywhere.

Core features

Your digital Bookeeper

Recording treatments, getting organized, safe space for your patients' lab results and easy referrals! What more can you ask for?


Our team

Minds behind saykhan

Dr. Shoung

Dr. Shoung

Project Manager and Co-Founder
Chester (Htoo Aung) Lynn

Chester (Htoo Aung) Lynn

Software Engineer and Co-Founder
Maureen (Yu Mon San)

Maureen (Yu Mon San)

Product Designer, Information Architect

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